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Immersed in her nightmares, in a chaotic reality, confused and all alone. The only safe place is her room, but not forever... She wanders through an empty city and strange places while fleeing from creatures lurking in the darkness to find out what's going on. You are in the skin of Ana Lúcia.

The game will be released through episodes, with the first Act coming soon. Add the first episode to your Steam wishlist by clicking the button below!

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What do you do when your days are not going so well? You wake up and have to deal with another whole day, making every decision surrounded by limited freedom and yet not going crazy. What would you do to have a better day? Isolated Room is about that and much more. Experience a day isolated in your own room, having to deal with your obligations through a lonely and very reflective routine.

Isolated Room
Corde Game

Explore Cordel, a literary genre known in northeastern Brazil, famous for its rhymes and regional expressions. Cordel Game is a fun educational game for Mobile devices!

A project idealized by Tâmara Priscilla da Silva Oliveira as an intervention proposal for your Master's degree at  - PROFLETRAS/UESPI/Capes.

Actually only available in Brazil.

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Intergalactic creatures rumble themselves in a crazy dispute for a rare crystals responsible to keep peace on that mysterious planet. Battle against your friends in a fun and frenetic local multiplayer, through various arenas specially equipped with the most dangerous weapons and traps of the whole universe, where only the toughest and smartest can prevail!